Supply List

I thought it might be helpful to list the supplies required for my classes online. Eighth or ninth grade, it matters not, the supplies are the same. If I may suggest, has some pretty spiffy prices on the items below. I would imagine their in-store prices would be similarly spiffy.

The List

  • 1 Mead Composition Notebook (the black and white kind with the cardboard cover, though other colors are acceptable)
  • Enthusiasm
  • 1 1-inch Binder
  • Dedication
  • At least 12 #2 Pencils
  • Sense of Humor
  • 1 package of college-ruled loose leaf paper (at least 150 sheets)
  • Willingness to try
  • 1 5-pack of binder dividers to keep things organized


One thought on “Supply List

  1. Hey Mr. Chase! Im amazed that you’ve changed schools so quickly! I bet all of the Osprey teachers are going to miss you…anyways just wanted to visit your blog, just to check it out. Nice talking to you!

    ~Andrew LaRose

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