A cellular classroom?

I’ve been thinking recently about what technology I can expect my kids to have next year. We’re still not at a place where Internet access is at 100% (my kids tend to hover around 80%).
What I can almost always know my students (last year it was 95%) will possess is a cell phone.
Of course, my school has the posted “Use your phone and the world around you will come crashing to a hault” policy. We can work around that.
So, here’s the question, what are you doing in your classroom to integrate/embed cell phones into instruction? Where are the resources built around cell phones in education?
Does a wiki already exist with this info.? If not, it does now. If you’ve got anything you can contribute, post away.
More later.


2 thoughts on “A cellular classroom?

  1. Zac,

    Was just talking about this the other day, I want to have students be able to post blogs via their cell phone. I have a student that uses his PSP which gave me the idea. We’ll talk when I see you next week.


  2. hey. well my last days friday. im not at school right know im home packing . have you found a house yet ihope your exited having to live in philidalphia. i love you mr. C

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