My inbox held this message last night:

You’re invited to Pownce!

I’d forgotten I’d signed up for an invite to Pownce a little over a month ago. In fact, I’d forgotten what it was. Given the pace at which tools hit the web, I’m hesitant to try many things out. Pownce wins.

Think of it as “Twitter on steroids” as Marcie said. The setup is similar, but it’s also ready with a desktop app that runs on Adobe AIR.

The big draw for me is the range of tools Pownce brings to the table:

  • No 140-character limit which was cute in the beginning, but frustrating when I need to say something more intricate.
  • 10 MB file transfer capabilities (100 MB if you pony up the $20/yr. for a pro account)
  • Link posting capabilities (I know this is easy in twitter, but it’s still nice.)
  • Event posting capabilities.

Now, I’m also a fan of the little things. A person’s Pownce profile page will also hold contact info. from pretty much any social networking, IM or web-based presence you can think of. It’s a one-stop shop to look at a person’s online footprint and has already proved itself helpful in tracking down a friend’s info.

So, I’ve a few invites left for Pownce for those who are interested (It’s still in Beta, so admission is invite-only). As soon as the network’s big enough, I’ll be deleting my twitter account. Yeah, that’s how much I believe in it.

It will be interesting to see if/how soon this app gets snatched up by the likes of Google, MyspaceFacebook or the like.


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