How will I waste time now?

scrabulous logo
Stupid copyright getting in the way. Philly City Paper’s staff blog, The Clog

Everything is ruined forever! 

social networking site Facebook finally pulled down Scrabulous, its
third-party version of Scrabble, after being threatened with legal
action. Following Mattel, who owns the international rights to
Scrabble, U.S. rights holder Hasbro slammed Facebook with a Digital
Millennium Copyright notice. F-book took the game down due to the
copyright concerns (which, let’s be honest, it totally violated wicked
hard), and Hasbro in turn is filing suit against the application’s

Can’t we just jump forward in time to a free and open exchange of ideas? Stupid copyright. Stupid, stupid copyright.


One thought on “How will I waste time now?

  1. F-book is right.

    Who’s always there for me at 2:36 in the morning?

    Who almost made me miss my senior portfolio deadline?

    Who taught me the word “Qi?”


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