Proving Kevin Costner Right Canadian teacher friend of mine made an impassioned plea to a group of assembled teachers the other day to get them to stop buying bottled water. “It is wrong to charge people for something necessary to their survival,” he reasoned.
As much as we speak of the fact our students don’t know a world without an Internet, they don’t know a world where where it isn’t the norm to pay money for a bottle of water either.
And then, there’s this:

[S]tarting today (Aug. 1), coach passengers flying aboard US Airways Inc. must pay for a drink of water.
This morning, US Airways began charging fliers $2 for bottled water and
sodas and $1 for teas and coffees. First class members, trans-Atlantic passengers and a select group of others are exempt from the extra fees.

If this is a harbinger of things to come, no one tell Kevin Costner. I’ll be picking up Bottlemania by Elizabeth Royte.


2 thoughts on “Proving Kevin Costner Right

  1. The one that gets me is Fiji water. The monumental waste of shipping H2O over all that H2O! I drink tap because teh plastic bottles are wasteful, and I need flouride! Once again, Chase, your cutting edge. My blog is back…I hope I keep it going this time.


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