Toto Got It Right

Sunset behind Table Mountain in Cape Town, South AfricaAfter nearly 24 hours of travel, the Teachers Without Borders-Canada ICT team has arrived in Cape Town, South Africa. Mind you, my brain is tired (not sure if it’s 7:30 PM or 1:30 PM), but the drive to our accommodations was enough to set the contrast here in sharp relief. Along the highway, the airport stood on one side being renovated for SA hosting of the FIFA World Cup next year and the poverty of Cape Town’s townships sat directly across the street.

Tomorrow, we’ll review our scope and sequence for the first couple of days of next week’s workshops. Then, we’re off to one of the schools that’ll be hosting us to check out their lab and set up.

The last order of business = we’ll be going on a tour of one of the townships. I can’t wait to learn more.

Right now, I’m too tired to process properly.


2 thoughts on “Toto Got It Right

  1. Great to see and hear of your adventures! Don’t stop writing it is cool to share along with you. Thanks so much for posting this. Puts my heart to rest too, knowing you are okay and sucking it all up. Feast on it my friend, this will forever be a part of you! Good luck, LOVE, and well wishes coming at you from Steven and I!

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