Things I Know 29 of 365: Time runs out

For the longest time…

– Billy Joel

I had the chance to talk with a room of almost 50 educators from around the country today.

Teachers are pretty amazing.The main thrust of our conversation focused around interdisciplinarity. At some point, the problem of scripted curriculum reared its head.

“If I try to use interdisciplinarity in my classroom, will I be able to make it through my scripted curriculum?”

We went back and forth for a bit.

Then the voice of experience spoke up, “I came to terms long ago with the fact that I’d never get through everything in my curriculum. There would never be enough time.”

And that’s the thing, isn’t it?

Today, I wanted desperately to be in EduCon sessions learning and conversing with dedicated and passionate educators, but I needed to sequester myself away from everyone to complete another grad school assignment.

When I was finally done, I was able to socialize with other attendees and have some pretty excellent discussions with those peers.

Even that, though, meant there wouldn’t be enough time.

Now, I’ve 30 seconds to hit “Publish.”


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