Things I Know 61 of 365: I am 30

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

– Dr. Seuss

Thirty years and a day ago, I wasn’t.

Then, the next day, I was.

For the last couple months, my sister Rachel has been teasing me about this birthday.

“You know,” she’s said with that tone where the “o” in “know” lasts a bit longer, “you are going to be old soon.”

She’s teasing, trying to elicit a defensive, fear-of-death response.

“I know,” I reply, “I can’t wait.”

It’s true.

I’m not exactly rushing toward death, but certainly rushing toward whatever’s next.

Truth be told, I’ve put quite a bit into those 30 years.


  • been born.
  • learned to walk and talk.
  • had stitches a bunch of times.
  • built many forts and clubhouses.
  • had four dogs.
  • fallen in love.
  • become a vegetarian.
  • lived in four states.
  • gotten a college degree.
  • run 8 marathons.
  • become a big brother three times over.
  • started my master’s degree – three times over.
  • taught over 1,000 kids.
  • seen the divorces and marriages of my parents.
  • served as editor in chief of a newspaper.
  • rafted down the Colorado River.
  • officiated three weddings of friends.
  • seen the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.
  • run along the coast of the Indian Ocean.
  • visited Kenya.
  • visited South Africa (twice).
  • co-authored and edited a book.
  • skydived.
  • lost my bookbag to a baboon.
  • recovered my bookbag from a baboon.
  • died my hair blue, green, read, orange, purple, and blond.
  • smoked a few cigars.
  • learned how to cook.
  • performed improv.
  • told my family and friends I love them (but probably not enough).
  • been diagnosed with and recovered from osteomyelitis.
  • developed an allergy to cats.
  • visited 40 of the states in the Union.
  • read.
  • transitioned from being a PC to being a Mac.
  • accidentally shot a bluejay with a BB gun.
  • watched every episode of The West Wing and Arrested Development like it was my job.
  • caught snowflakes on my tongue.
  • written.
  • failed.
  • changed the world by doing way more than saving a single starfish.
  • mourned the death of Johnny Cash.
  • voted.
  • collected hats.
  • collected pins.
  • sounded my barbaric Yawp.
  • cried.
  • been a member of a live studio audience.
  • gambled in a casino.
  • decided casinos make me sad.
  • played with a wood burning kit.
  • sang.
  • left a thawing Cornish game hen in a sculpture shaped like a hand (four times).
  • learned to crochet.
  • laughed.

And those are just the things I can remember off the top of my head.

I can’t wait for the next 30 years.


2 thoughts on “Things I Know 61 of 365: I am 30

  1. Happy (if slightly belated) Birthday, Mr Chase! Thanks for sharing this great list of exploits from the past thirty years. I'm another of the '81 vintage, myself, but will hang on to (and add to) my list until July, I think…Cheers, Bryan

  2. Your 30's are great because you can do the things you were too poor, stupid, angry, or drunk to do in your twenties. At the ripe old age of 36, I feel I have relaxed and mellowed out. No longer fed by rage, I seem to move more slowly and look for signs of wisdom. I don't always find it, but the world makes more sense and I feel more a part of it. Welcome to the 30's…though I am heading out in a few years myself.

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