Things I Know 62 of 365: I have some questions for Michelle Rhee

Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.

– Stephen Covey

The conversation about how to improve our schools is loud.

I’m working to understand where I agree and disagree with some of the most privileged voices in that conversation.

In December, former D.C. Schools Chief Michelle Rhee wrote a piece for Newsweek explaining what she learned in her time in the job.

Rather than take a quote out of context or write a rebuttal, I decided to try to build my understanding the same way I work to build my understanding of the ideas my students present. The end result is here.

5 thoughts on “Things I Know 62 of 365: I have some questions for Michelle Rhee

  1. Love it, what a great way to “publish” your reflection. It's so easy for us to take “soundbites.” Your feedback, questions, reflections, all in context and public is a brilliant use of Google Docs.

  2. This is such a great idea. Would be a great idea for students to try this as well. Maybe even with some primary sources: State of the Union, Gettyberg address, I Have Dream, transcripts from Glenn Beck…whatever. Great way to rethink how we approach understanding and reactions. I know I say this on every post and I feel like a giddy groupie, but I look forward to your posts everyday. You are really raising the bar.

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