Things I Know 169 of 365: Pages doesn’t auto-save

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I recently learned your company’s Pages software does not include an auto-save feature that one might find in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Open Office and most other word processing programs.

That sucks.

In the future, if you decide to continue to exclude this feature from your products, might I suggest applying a sticker to the product proclaiming:

Attention, while you will most likely enjoy your user experience, know that we’ve decided to buck the trend established by the rest of the industry and failed to install an auto-save function.

We apologize to any of you who might, oh, say type 15 pages of your master’s thesis and then mistakenly click “Don’t Save Changes” thinking it applies only to the top document open and not to both open documents. Or, you know, anything similar to that.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs, for your timely consideration.

Also, I apologize for taking your name in vain and any comments I might have made about you being a smarmy, turtleneck-wearing SOB. Those were hurtful words uttered in the excitement of learning of your product’s features or lack thereof.


Zac Chase


2 thoughts on “Things I Know 169 of 365: Pages doesn’t auto-save

  1. That SUCKS – but it's a good lesson for you to save as you go, auto-save or no. Why, back in my day sonny-boy, there was no such THING as auto-save. I used to save after every SENTENCE, and believe me, with those old cassette tape drives, that took some effort! [P.S. Don't wait to do a full machine backup until AFTER your hard drive fails, either. TODAY is always the best day for backing up!]

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