Things I Know 248 of 365: I want to know what you think should be the purpose of school

I’m Stephen I live in SF, CA and I am 25 years old and have completed a bachelors degree. I think the purpose of school should be to give students the opportunity to construct life-affirming meaning via the the pursuit of knowledge and the disciplined development of intellect.
– Stephen

I’ve got a question for you and everyone you know:

What should be the purpose of school?

It started as a question in class. Listening to discussions of actions schools should and should not take, I started to want to know what ideas were inspiring what sounded to be firmly held beliefs in the role of school.

That got me thinking about what people outside our classroom believe the should be purpose of school. My suspicion is that these ideas are not as synchronous as we might believe them to be. I mentioned this to my friend Trevor. From there, the School Purpose Project was born.

Our goal is to collect as many answers to the essential question as possible. Our data will be public and shared via a CC license.

Please, take a moment to share your answer and pass the link on to anyone to whom you are collected. No one is too young or too old, and we are interested in collecting as many answers from as many geographies as possible.

If you have your own online space, please consider posting our badge (with embed code) below.

As the answers start coming in, we’ll be making them public at as well as compiling the accompanying data on our public spreadsheet.

Please, spread the word.

Please, tell us what should be the purpose of school.


School Support Project

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