Things I Know 318 of 365: Christmas music used to be better

I love Christmas music.

I bide my time each year. Waiting. No Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. We are civilized, after all.

The problem, each year, is there is more and more of what I would call crap counted by others as Christmas music.

Because I’m cool and wasn’t at all an outcast in high school, the  measure of any Christmas music claim is how close it resembles medevial madrigals.

Two years ago, I found refuge in Pandora’s “Classical Christmas” station, and never looked back. In the car, where the radio is my only choice, the crap sneeks in.

It’s not that I’m a purest. I just think we got it right a few hundred years ago and have been messing it up ever since (with the exception of Billie Holiday’s recording of “I’ve got my love to keep me warm).

See xkcd’s useful visualization of my point below.


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