Things I Know 344 of 365: George Watsky deserves your listening attention

I first heard George Watsky on a road trip with my cousin Trevor. It was one of those, “You’ve never heard of George Watsky?” type of moments.

I babysat Trevor and his sister Martha for a bit when we were younger, so he censored any songs that might prove awkward.

After hearing “Who’s Been Loving You?” I was hooked.

I didn’t remember any of the other music from the trip, but Watsky stuck.

He’s a spoken word artist/emcee whose ryhmes hit the everyday, the socially unjust and being facially follically challenged.

When I found his Youtube channel, whatever I’d logged on to the computer to do took a back seat. And, I started IMing and e-mailing my favorite videos to friends. You may know him from “Pale kid raps fast,” but there’s so much more. You can find him here on iTunes or check out his bandcamp page. Either way, I think you’ll appreciate his skills.

While he’s not necessarily safe for work or school, there’s something in Watsky that speaks to the kind of writer I’ll never be and the mastery of language I’ve always wanted for my students.


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